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ToTCOOP+iTECH – Technology for the Training innovation in the European Agri-food Cooperatives of the digital era

ToTCOOP+iTECH – Technology for the Training innovation in the European Agri-food Cooperatives of the digital era


  • ICOS (Ireland)
  • AGACA Asociación Galega de Cooperativas Agroalimentarias (Spain)
  • SNRSS Association For Social Cooperatives (Poland)
  • LLKC Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre (Latvia)
  • MedAtlantia (Spain)
  • Changemaker (Sweden)


Erasmus+ – Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnerships.


To train the trainers addressing managerial staff of agro-food cooperatives using innovative methods based on new technologies and gamification techniques. The topics dealt with in the training activities are linked to Business Administration.

Achieved results

The ToTCOOP+i platform was designed and built to manage traditional classroom-based training courses, with face-to-face lessons held by instructors, by integrating gamification logic into the management of classroom activities that leverage the competition between learners.

TOTCOOPI uses a visual map linked to the context of agri-food cooperatives, that is, a farm.

All the elements of the visual map (trees, crops, vegetables animals, buildings, storage areas in the farm) act as a container / launching element for the teaching units that are the subject of the classroom lessons.

When the user clicks on a graphic element of the visual map, they launch the various training activities relating to that teaching topic. The instructor guides students in the classroom to perform the training activities, and feeds back results in the platform, so that the farm can grow and thrive and be populated by more elements.

Expected benefits

The ToTCOOP+i Tech project is expected to achieve the following long-term impact:


  • Provide the agro-food cooperative sector with innovative training contents and tools to increase knowledge about cooperative management
  • To improve and update the pedagogical, methodological and procedural skills, and the technical knowledge of trainers working in partner organizations, especially those offering continuing vocational training to cooperatives
  • Update the technological and pedagogical knowledge of trainers in partner organizations regarding the offer of new tools and resources for training
  • Improve the quality and accessibility of continuing professional training in the agri-food cooperative sector


October 2018 – September 2020





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