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Digital Learning

We combine different elements and styles to design your learning experience.



We offer to our customers the Virtual Classroom powered by Adobe Connect.
This versatile tool allows joining and collaborating in remote sessions: business meetings, webinars, video-classes, polls, marketing presentations and remote assistance. The Adobe Virtual Classroom is also available as an app, accessible at any time on your smartphone.
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We propose the use of Open Source software that we adapt according to the different contexts of use. Thanks to these technologies, we are able to implement multiple learning models: formal & informal learning, game-based learning, mobile learning, social learning and situated learning. We also integrate the LMS with gamification platforms to make online training more captivating.


Among the wide number of Digital Learning platforms available, we are actively engaged in the Forma.LMS project, an open source platform developed by an internationally recognized consortium of companies of which Grifo is member.
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Innovative, light and attractive formats for a high-quality result characterized by technological innovation and creativity.

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Animated graphics that dynamically illustrate the content. Key concepts must be identified in the design phase, to present them more effectively.
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Designed to be multi-device, they are traditional e-learning courses created on the basis of specific training needs expressed by companies. Organized in multimedia Learning Objects, they comply with international tracking standards.
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Creation of WEB series divided into episodes screened on the basis of real cases, with the objective of dealing with themes of great strategic value. In e-movies the storytelling technique finds its maximum expression.
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It is a format aimed at distributing the training content in short and quickly usable sequences, with a duration of few minutes. These are self-consistent mini training modules. They must be designed with the objective of transferring knowledge in a synthetic way. People have less and less time to devote to training, and therefore they want to find answers to their questions as quickly as possible.
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It is a welcome strategy, aimed at guiding the new employee into the new work environment. To facilitate this process, the most innovative HR management propose the use of a digital Welcome Kit: an easy-to-read, immediate and smartphone-friendly tool! Strongly brand-customised, it has the objective of fulfilling compliance training requirements, while at the same time providing information about values, identity, history, processes, policies, services, rights and duties of the worker.
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An emotional video positively affects the viewers,
is more effective than other types of messages, and arouses attention.
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Storytelling through images is a fundamental support for fast and effective diffusion. It is used for information, promotion and training, and is aimed at creating expectation and curiosity towards future developments.
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360 video, or immersive video, is an emerging media that allows an exploratory experience within spherical films. Virtual reality can make you feel inside the action, because the scene occupies your entire field of vision thanks to a display device such as a viewer or the HMD.

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