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reCity (Resilient City- Everyday Revolution)

reCity (Resilient City- Everyday Revolution)

PROGRAM: PON “Research and Innovation” 2014-2020 and FSC AXIS II – ACTION 2


  • Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A. – Lead Partner
  • GTechnology Research Organism Foundation
  • Polytechnic of Bari
  • University of Catania
  • Marche Polytechnic University


The general objectives of the project are to contribute to the activation of an urban system:

SMART, capable of delivering customizable, ubiquitous, citizen- and data-centric services, through the use of “resilient technologies”

SENTIENT, able to remember, correlate and anticipate future scenarios thanks to advanced data analytics techniques and innovative accountable sensory networks;

SOCIAL, able to favor the empowerment of the citizen who becomes a trained, informed and active subject within the community, thanks to simple and effective citizen-community interaction models, urban planning, sharing and collaboration tools and gamification tools


Through the use of social games, developed by Grifo, for the definition of increasingly refined persuasion models, it will be possible to push communities to adopt behaviors in line with the social and economic needs of the territory (seismic risk, sustainable transport, etc. ). Innovations in the ICT field will provide transversal support to these dimensions, and will address the problems that affect the continuity of services, including key aspects such as User-eXperience and connectivity, aiming to achieve a resilience of services that is always able to guarantee and in any case minimum levels of quality even in post-natural catastrophe conditions.

Duration: 30 months

Start date: 01/06/2021

End date: 11/31/2023



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