SuperCyberKids Project

SuperCyberKids Project

Web site: SuperCyberKids
Programme: Erasmus+ – Call: ERASMUS-EDU-2022-PI-FORWARD-LOT1— Partnerships for Innovation-Forward-Looking Projects


  1. CNR (Istituto Tecnologie Didattiche + Istituto Informatica e Telematica) (Italy)
  2. Grifo multimedia srl (Italy)
  3. Universität Mannheim (Germany)
  4. Università di Tallin (Estonia)
  5. ECSO – European Cyber Security Organisation (Belgium)
  6. ESHA – European School Heads Association (The Netherlands)
  7. CGI Eesti AS (Estonia)
  8. Avanzi srl (Italy)


The SuperCyberKids project aims at designing and implementing an educational ecosystem on cybersecurity issues that can provide training content, games, and guidelines for teachers. During the project, pilot actions will be carried out to test the ecosystem in real school contexts and to promote its integration into school curricula. The target users are teachers, who will be trained on cybersecurity issues, and primary and lower secondary school students, aged between 8 and 13.


  1. Contents and materials harmonized in a complete cybersecurity education programme for children and teachers, delivered through the Game4Skill gamification platform, appropriately adapted by the Grifo partner.
  2. Two educational games on cybersecurity: Nabbovaldo and Spoofy
  3. Guidelines for teachers on how to use the system and put it into practice in the classroom
  4. SuperCyberKids Learning Framework: List of cybersecurity skills and learning objectives with indicators
  5. Guidelines for game designers and developers to create or adapt educational games on the theme of cybersecurity

Duration: 36 months

Start date: 1st January 2023
End date: 31st December 2025



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